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Getting Babylon Out of You

Most people who leave the religious system eventually (hopefully) discover two supremely important truths: 1) The religious spirit is still alive and well in people long after they stop attending church, and 2) Getting Babylon out of you is a lot harder than getting you out of Babylon. This free eBook will explain why this is and how to deal with it.

The Irresistible Kingdom (Chapter 1)

What is the Kingdom of God? What is its nature and character? What is its purpose and reason for being? Where is it? Who may enter it, and how? Who is excluded from it, and why? How is this Kingdom organized and governed? How does it function and operate? What resists it and prevents it from coming? What will it look like when it is fulfilled? What impact will it have on the earth? What are the implications for mankind? And how can we prepare ourselves for it?

The purpose of this book is to explore these questions and answers together. Our goal is to set before you God’s Vision for all things – to illustrate and illuminate His Eternal Purpose – because you, dear reader, are an important part of that great Purpose of God.

(The entire book is available in print. Chapter 1 is available as a free download.)

The Ekklesia

The Ekklesia is essentially spiritual in nature, and because it is spiritual, it is heavenly. If you can understand this it will answer a lot of the questions and settle a lot of issues that arise when we try to naturalize it, bring it down to the earth, and make it all about the “meeting” or the “building” or the “organization”. It the spiritual assembly of those who have been called out of one spiritual place and into another spiritual place…

Why Do You Call Me Lord?

Jesus asked a lot of questions. His questions are sometimes humorous, sometimes self-evident, sometimes offensive, sometimes controversial. At the same time, His questions are always honest, always powerful, always life-changing. Almost all of them appear in this little book, arranged for devotional study.

This is NOT a book “for Christians only.” Whether you are a new believer, and old disciple, or a generic seeker of truth, this book will challenge you to consider a simple relationship with Jesus – without becoming religious.

Strength for the Journey

This collection of letters were originally written by Chip to individual brothers and sisters over a course of several years. Although not originally written with the intention of making them public, they are offered here for your encouragement because we believe the entire Body of Christ can benefit from what is said.