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The Irresistible Kingdom

God’s Marvelous Purpose for All Things and Its Unavoidable Fulfillment

by Chip Brogden

What is the Kingdom of God? What is its nature and character? What is its purpose and reason for being? Where is it? Who may enter it, and how? Who is excluded from it, and why? How is this Kingdom organized and governed? How does it function and operate? What resists it and prevents it from coming? What will it look like when it is fulfilled? What impact will it have on the earth? What are the implications for mankind? And how can we prepare ourselves for it?

The purpose of this book is to explore these questions and answers together. Our goal is to set before you God’s Vision for all things – to illustrate and illuminate His Eternal Purpose – because you, dear reader, are an important part of that great Purpose of God.

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I bought this book a few years ago, read it and loved it. Recently I decided to read it again, but more slowly this time. I’m looking up each scripture reference and pondering the point Chip is making. As a result this book has become the most effective bible devotional I have ever used. – Susan

As a dedicated lover of the Truth I love Chip Brogdens books and thei one is no exception! Read it and get ‘The Kingdom’ into you….
As born again Chrsitians we were already transferred from the realm of darkness into God’s Kingdom of light…… now it’s time to get the Kingdom into you! -B. Lindeman

Enjoyed the book very much. Good information about God’s kingdom. As followers of Christ, we are already living in His kingdom. It is not only a future event, it is not a ‘religious’ thing. Chip Brogden is one of my favorite authors, and he didn’t disappoint me with this teaching. -Mike Donahoe

I thank our God thru you Bro. Chip by preaching the gospel of The Kingdom of God. Because that was actually the first time I heard about the gospel of the Kingdom of God here on earth. I always thought this is only going to happen in heaven but no it is a reality here now on earth. And I am always amazed to learn more about it – the character of the King and His kingdom. May our God richly bless you/family and your ministry. – Rei

What a wealth of spiritual riches has been compiled in your book Irresitible Kingdom! I will be digging and gleaning from it for a lifetime…It is a spiritual treasure chest…a Gift to the Body of Christ communicated through you, Chip. Everyone should have a copy to devour and also use as an excellent resource. Thank you for sharing this wealth with us all…His is indeed a most Irresistible Kingdom as Christ Himself is most irresistible. – Brenda Brown

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